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About Ornate Plaster ( UK ) 

Ornate Plaster (UK) is a company that specialises in the manufacture and installation of Fibrous Plaster, GRG, pmGRG, GRC & pmGRC products and restoration of Lime Plaster work to historic and listed buildings.

Our reputation is built on being able to deliver a quality product at a competitive price with installation completed and handed over on time. Also we can provide a complete service - design - manufacture - installation – decoration.


Fibrous Plaster

Fibrous Plaster, A traditional material used for the production of cornices & mouldings and in the restoration of historic and listed buildings, it can be moulded into almost any shape or form, is light very adaptable, easy to cut,drill, fix and make good to a seamless finish.


Chemical paint removal

Chemical paint removal of existing Historic plasterwork Our involvement on restoration projects has enabled us to specialise in this work which removes the years or sometimes centuries of paint layers from historic or listed plasterwork using chemical poultices which reveal the original detail.



GRG Glass reinforced gypsum – this material has all the advantages of fibrous plaster but with the benefits of added strength & lighter weight enabling larger sections to be cast which is a great advantage when producing domes and vaulted ceilings.



pmGRG Polymer modified GRG - All the advantages of GRG but can be made very hard and dense which gives superior abrasion and water resistance and units can be made even lighter – thicknesses of 4mm are not uncommon. Jesmonite AC100 is a ready to use propriety material which we use for this purpose.



GRC Glass reinforced cement - can be applied as a render or cast in units as GRG This material is waterproof and can be used externally for renders and for the manufacture of cornices, mouldings pediments, columns & balustrading.



pmGRC Polymer modified GRC - this product is used for the manufacture of precast external architectural features - usually these are of a modular design with expressed joints. They are light in weight waterproof and can be made to simulate stone, metal & even timber. Jesmonite AC750 is a ready to use propriety material which we use for this purpose.


Reconstituted Stone Castings

Reconstituted Stone Castings An alternative to real stone when reproducing ornate architectural features. This consists of stone dust mixed with white cement facing with a concrete backing which can be made loadbearing. Thin sections can be reinforced with stainless steel rods or mesh .We have used this material successfully on many projects especially window surrounds and cills.


Lime Plaster

Lime is a traditional building material most commonly used in the restoration of historic and listed buildings. Mixed with sand & hair it is used to replace deteriorated, missing or damaged plaster and for plastering on timber laths.The finish coat is lime putty mixed with fine washed sand. At Ornate Plaster (UK) we carry out a lot of this type of work preserving Britain’s heritage.



We can offer a full CAD design service, provide our own working detail drawings.


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