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Fibrous Plaster



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Fibrous plaster is a traditional material which is light in weight compared to the solid run in situ finishes that preceded fibrous plaster and is used  mainly for the manufacture of decorative elements such as cornices, ceiling centres, panel mouldings & corbels etc, and has big advantages over the ‘run insitu’ methods as it can be made off site, stored until required and the installation is quite rapid and relatively clean & dry.


The material is made from fine casting plaster reinforced with hessian and timber laths, it can be cast into complex shapes the limits being the characteristics of the type of mould used which can be of plaster, GRP ( Glass reinforced polymer ) for long production runs, timber or silicone for intricate ornate work.



Once cast & dried the units can be fixed with adhesive, screws or a combination of the two or they can be wired and wadded to timber or metal framework, it can be fixed to a variety of substrates. The material is easy to cut, drill, screw and make good with casting plaster to a seamless finish.


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