GRC Similar production methods to GRG except that the binder is cement instead of gypsum, the products even look similar. GRC products have the advantage of being waterproof and is suitable for external precast finishes such as stone finishes, external mouldings such as cornices, window surrounds, cills, pediments, columns, balusters, copings and other architectural features. The GRC units are made modular with designed/expressed joints as the material cannot be jointed.

pmGRC Polymer modified GRC - this product is used for the manufacture of precast external architectural features - usually these are of a modular design with expressed joints. They are light in weight waterproof and can be made to simulate stone, metal & even timber.

Jesmonite AC 750 is a propriety material which has the advantage of being a ready to use tried and tested product which we use for this type of work, this material also offers a variety of finishes but is particularly suited to stone finishes.




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