GRG - Glass reinforced Gypsum is a similar material to Fibrous plaster with the difference that the reinforcing materials are continuous filament glass mat and usually metal instead of timber, this improves the strength and fire resistance of the material, the plaster used is a harder & denser type called ‘Keramicast’. 

GRG units can be made very light and strong, units of up to 8m2 can be produced, the material is very suitable to the manufacture of large curved units such as domes, vaulted ceilings, columns and large curved shapes in general and can be jointed to a seamless finish, GRG is usually fixed to a metal framework and can be screwed, bolted or wire and wadded, but can be fixed the same as Fibrous plaster to a variety of substrates.   

pmGRG is polymer modified GRG which can make units lighter and stonger and add a degree of water resistance, using this material cast thickness can be significantly reduced, panels made lighter and stronger making transportation and fixing easier.  

Jesmonite AC 100 is a propriety material for the manufacture of pmGRG which has the advantage of being a ready to use product of known consistency & quality which we use when called on to manufacture pmGRG, this material offers a variety of finishes such as stone, metal, smooth or patterned etc, the pmGRG units are made modular with designed / expressed joints as they cannot be jointed.



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